Fun Classroom Management Tools

Without classroom management skills, there is no teaching. It is arguably the most important part of teaching young learners and the least taught to teachers. Classroom management is all about motivation and attention. Just as with anyone, if you want them to do something, they have to want to do it. Proper classroom management is the best prevention from unwanted behaviour. As teachers, we must find what motivate our students to want to pay attention. This will change from grade to grade.

In the first grade, for example, make everything a game. Kids love to play games. An example would be ‘Who wants to be a teacher?’ You ask this to the students and then follow with, ‘Only the students sitting quietly with their hands in the air, feet under their table, looking at me.’ Then you wait for silience (it does come). Then you can say, ‘I will only choose the quietest student. I will close my eyes and just listen.’ Then you walk around (peaking a little to see where you are going) and put your ear to each table. You will be able to hear a pin drop. Other games are ‘Who wants to be the light master? The computer master? Take books to the library? Etc… ‘Only the quietest student with their hand up, feet under the table….’ Get creative and you can find many many more games like these to play with your students.

Apart from this you have your voice. It is your primary tool as a teacher. Learning basic singing techniques will help tremendously. You will never lose your voice again. Simple call and response chants are an excellent way to get the whole class involved and attentive. Have fun with your voice, make silly sounds with words, and have the students repeat you. These are a few of many ideas you can use to get students attention. Experiment, have fun, and remember it is about motivation. Make your students want to listen.

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Fun Classroom Management Tools